Infrared saunas in cosmetology

Infrared saunas are widely used in cosmetology. Activating the blood vessels of the skin with infrared radiation helps open and clean pores. Dead cells are removed, skin becomes smooth, firm and elastic. Intense sweating also opens cells that haven't been open for years. The skin is purified similarly to the common cosmetic procedures. It helps against skin diseases like acne, pimples, nettle rash, dandruff. It improves complexion, smoothens wrinkles and skin looks much younger.
- eliminates unpleasant odour from the skin
- heals eczemas and, according to unconfirmed data, also psoriasis
- suitable for any cellulite treatment
- due to direct heating of the muscles in an infrared sauna, no warming lotions are required during massage
Infrared radiation activates circulation in the skin which is the main prerequisite for keeping the skin beautiful, youthful and soft. Removal of the dead cells and cleaning of the pores makes the skin more vital and gives it a healthy glow. The skin becomes more elastic, smooth and soft. Cellulite is a gelatinous substance composed of water, fat and many layers of harmful substances. Infrared radiation helps restore healthy state of the skin and allows removal of such substances from the body through sweating.

Infrared saunas for athletes

Infrared saunas are used in sports medicine against cramps, for improving blood circulation, for regeneration and rehabilitation, in case of blood circulation disorders, cold, allergic diseases, rhinitis, sinusitis and other inflammations. Due to their unique effect to the body infrared saunas are indispensable in the preparation of both amateur and professional athletes.
1. Thanks to infrared waves that enter the body directly and stronger peripheral circulation, blood flow in the muscles improves and they "warm up", allowing athletes to begin training or competing without losing any muscular energy before doing so.
2. An infrared sauna session removes a large amount of lactic acid that has accumulated in the muscles in a short period of time. Feeling of muscle fatigue and so called overtraining is quickly relieved.
3. Actively cleanses the body of waste products and toxins without medicines.
4. Accelerates recovering period after a competition.
5. Allows purification of the body of medicines changing pharmaceutical treatment into physiotherapeutic treatment.
6. Alleviates effectively post-traumatic pain, decreases muscle cramping
7. Abundant supply of oxygen to the cells gives the same effect as blood doping, but this is achieved in a natural way and therefore is not prohibited.
The positive effect of infrared radiation to metabolism and immune system proves that an infrared sauna can be used successfully against various illnesses: rheumatism, chronic back pain that is not subject to treatment, spasmodic headaches, Bechterew's disease, ischemic disease, osteoarthritic changes, shoulder rigidity in case of shoulder- arm syndrome, nape rigidity, tailbone and hamstring disorders, muscle elasticity. Due to numerous clinical trials the results should be mentioned for those patients, who had chronic back pain. Millions of people are familiar with this type of pain. People who use many different pharmaceuticals to alleviate pain stated that the use of pharmaceuticals decreased significantly thanks to heat therapy.

Prevention of cancer

The global development of industry results in all kinds of toxic waste that endangers us more and more each day. This is why we need to protect our body against toxins and heavy metals. Besides correct nutrition infrared sauna plays on important role in cleansing our body of harmful substances. Various cancer treatments include hyperthermic chemotherapy as an effective part of treatment. About 2000 years ago Paemendides said: "Give me a chance to induce yellow fever and I will cure all illnesses".

Skin diseases

Infrared radiation helps against various skin diseases.
- acne: pores open, excess fat is excreted;
- nettle rash: condition improves;
- burns: wounds heal, pain is relieved;
- wounds: healing improves, scars heal;
- unpleasant body odours: condition improves due to activation of skin functions;
- psoriasis: great healing results;
- eczemas: condition improves;
- sunburns: pain is relieved, healing effect.
Dr. Peavo Airola, a well-known American nutrition scientist, states: "Intense heat activates metabolic processes, stops the spreading of pathogenic bacteria and development of viruses, stimulates the activity of healthy organs and body parts. It activates self-healing and resistance of the body. Treatment of such chronic and acute illnesses as cold and infectious, rheumatic and respiratory tract diseases is improved due to body's stronger self-healing ability. The body is cleansed from inside as well as outside resulting in a younger body. Infrared radiation stimulates diaphoresis. Intense sweating excretes large amounts of harmful substances that have accumulated in the body. The special effect of infrared radiation on sweat glands intensifies sweating and excretion of toxins from the body."

Cardiovascular diseases

Chinese doctors point out great results in post-infarction treatment. According to well-known macrobiotic expert Hermann’o Aihara the success of infrared radiation in the treatment can be explained as follows:
1. High levels of cholesterol and fat in the blood results in negative effects:
- it causes thickening of blood as erythrocytes stick together. Oxygen supply decreases which causes capillary blocking. Lack of oxygen stimulates accumulation of moisture in the cells which causes swelling:
- sticking of the blood cells causes blocked arteries. As a result blood pressure rises and risk of infarction increases.
2. With infrared radiation it is possible to heal or cure completely such illnesses as discomforts caused by menopause, essential hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, pains, wounds, haemorrhoids, cysts, gastritis, hepatitis, asthma, bronchitis etc.

Blood circulation

Arthritis, nervous strain, nerve inflammation, rapid fatigue, sciatica, aching wounds, back pain, muscle pain, rheumatism, menstrual pain, gastric disorders, varices, blood vessel diseases, post-surgery discomforts – these are illnesses that may be caused by poor blood circulation and can be improved with infrared radiation.

Effect on musculature

Japanese doctors announce their achievements: they have achieved great results thanks to infrared heat, which speeds up healing process in case of the following serious illnesses: arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle spasms, spasms, muscle strain, fractures, post-traumatic stress, shock, rheumatism and bursitis. Dr. Masao Nakumara from the "O&P Medical Clinic" in Japan has achieved great results by using infrared radiation system in the prevention of the following illnesses: sciatica, menopause symptoms, arthritis, frozen shoulder, insomnia, rheumatism, acne, gastric disorders and otitis. Modern medicine uses infrared heat in case of the following problems: strains, water accumulation in the body, movement disorders, bursitis, blood vessel disorders, arthritis and muscle pain (source: scientific encyclopedia "Mc Graw/Hill").

Psychological effect

In addition to the therapeutic effect of infrared energy it also has a psychological effect. Descriptions of infrared saunas usually do not focus on it much, but it plays an important role in the prevention of illnesses. Russian and Finnish saunas are somewhat stressful for the body and the nervous system. Being in a hot and humid atmosphere creates a sudden and strong arousal of the nervous system. The body is required to mobilize a lot of resources to compensate for the effects of the environment, which lowers mental strength when using the traditional saunas.
Unlike traditional saunas, infrared sauna is delicate. It provides a soft atmosphere that has a positive psychological effect on the user. Infrared sauna relieves stress and creates a feeling of relaxation. Infrared sauna gives you a pleasant sensation which also has a healing effect.

Healing effect

1. Infrared heat improves tissue elasticity. This is important for the elasticity of tendons and muscles. In addition, deep heating is recommended for use before training and sports events in order to reduce the risk of sports injuries. This ensures more intense tissue elasticity.
2. Infrared heat helps fight against mobility disabilities. Mobility of the fingers upon 45 °C heating increased by 20%. The reaction of other problematic tendons and tissues is similar.
3. Infrared radiation alleviates muscle stress. Heat relaxes muscles and relieves stress; condition of the body improves even when the cause of the problem is related to limb disorders or a neurological phenomenon.
4. Relieving stress in muscles also alleviates ischemic pain; heat helps fight against circulus virtuosus. Heat also decreases pain in both nerve cells as well as nearby dermis. In dentistry researches this phenomenon is referred to as a painkiller. Heat decreases the production of endorphins.
5. Infrared heat stimulates blood circulation. The body's reaction to heat is expressed in more intense blood circulation. Heating certain body parts affects the reflexes of other body parts and stimulates the widening of blood vessels.
6. Infrared heat stimulates healing in inflammatory processes. Lately this heat has been used more frequently as part of the healing process. Applications: small wounds, stimulating the healing process in case of chronic illnesses and a wide range of other illnesses (e.g. back pain, periodic pain, neurotic pain, ischemic pain, post-surgery inflammations, ocular paralysis, diarrhoea, pneumonia, neurasthenia, coxitis, cold).
7. Infrared heat has been included into cancer therapy. This brand new method is still in the experimental stage. American scientists think that this method may, when used correctly, become a promising factor in cancer therapy and alleviation of pain. Curing with infrared waves plays an increasingly important role in therapy practice. Japanese doctor Yamajaki points out in his book "Infrarote Therapie" remarkable results: less pain resulting from burn wounds, shorter treatment period, less stitches, lower blood pressure. It all happens at temperatures 40-50°C. There are also other results that have been achieved in infrared therapy:
- low blood pressure: blood pressure rises due to its regular stimulation;
- memory disorders: rapid recovering;
- brain blood supply disorders: better blood supply to the brain and activation of brain cells;
- toxic and radioactive areas: elimination of the negative effect;
- muscle tissue: improved healing process, quicker healing;
- severe and chronic arthritis: remarkable improvement of condition and reduction of pain.

Detoxification of the body

Many illnesses we have to deal with originate from the surrounding environment. Illnesses that were unknown 20 years ago, e.g. chronic fatigue syndrome, have now taken epidemic sizes and they continue to grow every year. Children are especially susceptible to illnesses that are related to environmental changes.
People keep asking, why do they feel tired, why do they feel dizzy, why do they have to live in pain. The cause of feeling bad for millions of people may be the concentration of toxic substances in their body. These substances can be found in almost everyone's body: heavy metals, pesticides, waste products resulting from burning fuels. Recent researches have proved that heating the body in an infrared sauna stimulates cells and makes them excrete various toxic substances, including platinum and mercury, from the body through sweat and urine. Thus, infrared saunas together with diet can be a possibility for deep cleansing of the body.
Cleansing the body of toxins is important for the prevention of different illnesses and health disorders. Besides healthy nutrition, starvation and other diets, infrared radiation system offers a wide range of controlled possibilities that are not within the scope of traditional medicine. Regular sessions in an infrared sauna are healing and also affordable. Greatest toxic danger is fats and cholesterol, which enter the body with food. During an infrared sauna session our body excretes water, fats, cholesterol and heavy metals through sweat. Following is a comparison of sweat of people using an infrared sauna and a regular sauna. The results are as follows.
Regular sauna ‒ water 95-97% ‒ other substances ‒ 5-10%
Infrared sauna ‒ water 80-85% ‒ other substances ‒ 15-20%
Upon studying the sweat of people using an infrared sauna, the following substances were found: platinum 84 mg, cadmium 6,2 mg, nickel 1,2 mg, copper 0,11 mg, sodium 0,84 mg (Green hospital 1983). After comparing the excretion ability of sweat and toxins it was discovered, that during an infrared sauna session the body excretes twice the amount of sweat and three times the amount of other substances. This means that the body excretes six times more toxins in an infrared sauna than in a regular sauna. According to diet doctors the toxic substances that the body is unable to excrete accumulate in the layer of fat. Dr. Ishikawa (Japan) claims that in order to dissolve the layer of fat a temperature of at least 45°C is required. Infrared heat allows to achieve this temperature in the layer of fat without causing stress to the coronary system and as a result the concentration of excreted toxins is significantly greater than in case of a regular sauna. Regular sessions in an infrared sauna is an optimal way of excreting harmful substances from the body. In addition to the toxins that enter the body with food, harmful substances also include alcohol and nicotine. Using infrared sauna together with medicines (that excrete harmful substances from the body upon consumption of alcohol and nicotine), provides an opportunity to create an affordable body cleansing program that has a little effect on our everyday routine.

Benefits of saunas

– low energy loss
– natural human-friendly design
– easy to use
– easy to transport
– effective
– easy to install
– luxurious appearance

Healthy effects of saunas

– alleviates chronic fatigue
– alleviates muscle pain
– stimulates nervous system
– increases potency
– increases the level of growth hormones
– gives energy
– no age limits
– stimulates blood circulation
– deep skin purification
– improves immune system
– decelerates ageing process
– passive training effect
– removes toxins
– helps against minor cold
– effective cellulite remover – a 30 minute session burns 600-2400 cal

Installation and additional options

Infrared sauna can be installed into any house and standard apartment. Buyer receives a set of panels that are mounted together with special clamps. If the owner wishes to install the sauna to a different location, e.g. from an apartment to a summer home, the panels are simply dismantled, taken to the new location and installed again. If an apartment owner decides to build a regular sauna with an electric heater, he/she must also deal with ventilation, sewerage and waterproofing issues. An infrared sauna does not have such requirements since it hardly affects the microclimate of the building and it can be installed even in the bedroom. In an infrared sauna you are able to read or use electronics (radio, CD, DVD etc), which is impossible in a regular moist and hot sauna.

Why an infrared sauna?

Infrared sauna differs from a regular sauna in a way where relatively low temperature causes intense sweating because of deep tissue heating, whereas temperature of the body cells rises optimally to 38.5°C. Heating is achieved with a heater that emits lower frequency heat than a chimney, but with a longer wavelength. This is a completely innocent heat radiation since there is no radioactive radiation. An important difference is that the sauna user is not heated by air but directly by infrared radiation. Heat penetrates cells at the depth of approx. 4 cm, which causes the cells to release various toxic compounds. Examples: toxins, nicotine, alcohol, cholesterol and heavy metals (lead, zinc, nickel, mercury, aluminium, tin). Infrared sauna heaters use 20% of their energy for heating the air and 80% for transferring heat into deep layers of the skin and maintaining it there. Sweating is three times more intense in an infrared sauna than in a regular sauna. Already after 10 minutes sweat starts pouring. After sauna it is not recommended to take a cold shower because the muscles are warm.


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