Infrared saunas - treat yourself comfortably!

About us

AK Deal OÜ is an Estonian capital based company engaged in the import, wholesale and retail sale of infrared saunas. Our clients include construction material stores, construction companies and private persons. We are interested in continuous cooperation with construction and trade companies and expanding our dealer network.

Our products are certified and verified for use in Europe, USA, Korea, Canada and Australia. Our products are EMC, KTL, ETL, SAA, TUV, UL, ISO9000, ISO14001 certified and meet the CE marking requirements.

About infrared saunas

The unique characteristics discovered by the famous Japanese Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa in the middle of the last century enabled infrared saunas to become popular among people following a healthy lifestyle. Only a 30 minute procedure in an infrared sauna will give a great energy boost, excreting toxins and residues through sweating.

Regular use of an infrared sauna has a therapeutic effect on muscles, joints and blood vessels, it helps prevent cold diseases, alleviates the course of many chronic diseases and provides a cosmetic and general therapeutic effect. Compact and economic infrared saunas are suitable for most private houses and apartments.

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